Huawei Watch D review – Blood pressure monitoring smartwatch (2023)

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I first saw (and tried) the Huawei Watch D at the House of Huawei event in Milan. I was intrigued by the concept of a smartwatch that can measure blood pressure right on the wrist – no external cuffs required! I was a bit cautious, though, as I wasn't sure what other features the Watch D would carry; I didn't like the idea of a 'blood pressure-only' smartwatch.

A quarter of a year later, I had an email about an early review sample of the watch, and I got excited all over again. My excitement only rose when I received the watch and managed to have a good look at it – it was bulky, sure, but felt premium in hand, and I instantly felt we'll have to include it in our best smartwatch guide. I took the watch with me for a week-long vacation in France, so I could spend some quality time with the Watch D. How did the Huawei Watch D fare during the trial period? Should you buy it when it becomes available? Read on to find out.

Huawei Watch D review – Price and availability

The Huawei Watch D was announced in May 2022 and will be available to buy from October 2022 in the UK directly from Huawei for a recommended retail price of £400 (approx $465/AU$711). The Watch D is available in two colours, Black and Off-White. US and AU prices and availability TBC.

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(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

(Video) Huawei reveals Watch D! (with blood pressure monitoring)

Huawei Watch D review – Design and build quality

The Huawei Watch D has a large, 1.64-inch full-colour AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 456 x 280 pixels (PPI 326). Said screen is embedded in a comparatively large aluminium watch body measuring 51 x 38 x 13.6 mm. The bezel isn't small either, although you must appreciate that the mini pump housed in the case needs some space.

Before I first headed into the water wearing the Watch D, I thought I'd double-check the water-tightness of the watch body, just in case you shouldn't wear it for swimming. But to my surprise, the case is IP68 rated, despite the delicate sensors and the pumps and whatnot. In case you're unfamiliar with the ingress protection rating system, IP68 is the most water and dust-tight any product can get, meaning it's completely protected against dust and strong jets of water.

You'll find two buttons on the edge of the bezel, the one at the top being used for a range of actions while the bottom one is dedicated to blood pressure monitoring. The Watch D can be operated via touch, and touch operation is smooth and lag-free. As for sensors, there are many featured in the Watch D, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor, ambient light sensor, temperature sensor, differential pressure sensor and a hall sensor.

The Huawei Watch D can be charged via Huawei's magnetic charger, the same one used with the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic Edition, so if you have one of those watches, you can use the same charger for both of them. As well as all the stuff mentioned above, the Watch D also has a built-in GPS chip, NFC and Bluetooth 5.1.

This bundle of electronics and sensors is wrapped around the wrist with the fluoroelastomer strap, which is the same material used in the premium Withings Scanwatch (and Scanwatch Horizon). On the longer part of the strap, you'll find the inflatable cuff, and the two parts of the strap are connected via a buckle, reminiscent of the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4.

The Huawei Watch D weighs approx. 41 grams and the strap is not interchangeable as it's attached to the inflatable cuff. The strap is also relatively wide at 30 mm.

Huawei Watch D review – Blood pressure monitoring smartwatch (2)

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Huawei Watch D review – Features

The main appeal of the Huawei Watch D is, of course, the blood pressure sensor and measurement, but it has more than just that one feature. For example, it's also capable of measuring ECG, SpO2 (blood oxygen), skin temperature, and more. It also tracks and evaluates heart rate, sleep, stress, steps, and all other stats you'd expect from the best fitness trackers nowadays.

(Video) HUAWEI WATCH D | HUAWEI’s First Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

You can also track workouts with the watch, and thanks to the built-in GPS chip, you can also use it for tracking runs/walks/cycles outdoors without your smartphone in tow. There is also a wallet function, so as long as you add a card in the Huawei Health app, you can use the Watch D to pay in the shops.

Other functions include alarm, timer, stopwatch, weather and smart notifications, music playback (no storage, though; it's only to control music on your phone) and breathing exercises. Plenty of bang for your buck, as you can tell, and although not all the features are revolutionary, I have not once felt I needed anything else on the watch, which, for the price, is pretty good.

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(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Huawei Watch D review – Battery life

It's tricky to get an accurate picture of the battery life of any Huawei watch as the brand usually only provides us with 'typical' and 'heavy' usage stats. In my opinion, Huawei's typical usage is already pretty intense; it doesn't help gauge GPS battery life, though.

Anyway, the official battery life of the Watch D is 7 days (typical usage), as quoted by Huawei. That said, with a couple of tweaks, you can increase this significantly, even if you use GPS. As mentioned above, I took the watch on holiday and didn't pack the charger; I thought, 'if it dies, it dies', to quote Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. To give the watch a fighting chance, I turned on the Night Mode – which only turns the screen on if you press the button – and turned off SpO2 monitoring, something I find pointless anyway.

With these two tweaks, I managed to increase battery life to over 10 days, even though I used the GPS for over five hours during the week. As a matter of fact, after charging the watch 10 days ago, it still has 18% battery juice left. Better still, the GPS performance of the Watch D is on par with the Garmin Fenix 7X, the watch I wore on the other wrist while testing the Huwaei. Colour me impressed!

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(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

(Video) Huawei Watch D Demo : Blood pressure measurement - Toma de tensión

Huawei Watch D review – Health monitoring

But enough chit-chat about GPS performance; the Huawei Watch D isn't a triathlon watch, and you're probably here to learn more about the blood pressure and ECG features if I'm correct. And maybe about other health features, such as heart rate and sleep monitoring.

Blood pressure measurements on the Huawei Watch D work like a charm. When you first start using the watch, you have to adjust the strap, so it sits on your wrist properly – the watch and the app help you with that. I found the fit a bit loose, at least compared to other smartwatches. Once you figure out the correct strap position, though, the actual blood pressure measurements are easy to do.

All you need to do is sit down, press the button at the bottom, press 'measure' on the screen, and in five seconds, the measurement will start. To ensure readings are accurate, you must hold up your wrist (the one with the watch on) at around the level where your heart is and relax. Measurements take around 30 seconds, and the Watch D gives you the results straight away.

ECG readings are equally as easy to do, and thanks to the CE mark, you can rest assured they are somewhat accurate (otherwise, the Watch D wouldn't have received the certification). Needless to say, the Huawei Watch D isn't a medical device, so both blood pressure and ECG readings are to be taken with caution and not as gospel.

Huawei Watch D review – Blood pressure monitoring smartwatch (5)

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Sleep monitoring performance is excellent, just like on other Huawei watches and fitness trackers (see also: Huawei Watch Fit 2 review and Huawei Band 7 review); the Watch D tracks all sleep stages considerably accurately, thanks to the 2.5D optical heart rate sensor (it's under a curved glass, so it can 'see' your skin from different angles) and the algorithm that works out the specificities of your sleep patterns.

Stress and skin temperature tracking also seem okay, although the former is hard to judge, as I have no idea what it's based on.According to the Huawei Health app, the watch provides stress level evaluations based on HR fluctuation data and stress models, whatever the latter might mean. I'm not an anxious or stress person, and my stress readings were low, so from there I assume the Watch D evaluates low stress levels well.

Huawei Watch D review – Blood pressure monitoring smartwatch (6)

(Video) REVIEW: BP Doctor Pro Real Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch! Huawei Watch D Rival?

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Huawei Watch D review – Verdict

The Huawei Watch D is an excellent wearable with superb health functionality, accurate sensors and premium build quality. It's unique in the health smartwatch market thanks to the watch's blood pressure motor/mechanism and a slew of accurate features that provide users with a more accurate overview of their physical and mental well-being.

Of course, the watch can only monitor your vital signs but can't do the work for you. If the Watch D says your stress levels are high, you need to do something about lowering it. The same goes for all the other stats, including high blood pressure, poor sleep and activity levels. That said, by using the Huawei Watch D, at least you'll know about these – and knowing is half the battle. You can rest assured that Watch D will keep a keen eye on your ticker and tell you if something isn't quite right.

The Watch D feels good on the wrist – has a certain heft to it, in a good way – and can also be operated easily. The touchscreen works smoothly, and the display is bright and responsive enough not to raise stress levels unintentionally. Considering the not-so-extreme asking price and the health features on offer, it's hard not to recommend the Huawei Watch D to anyone interested in monitoring their health stats on the wrist. And it's a pretty decent smartwatch, too.

Huawei Watch D review – Also consider

The closest health watch experience to the Huawei Watch D is the Fitbit Sense 2. Fitbit's latest flagship health companion hasn't got ECG, but it can measure stress and ECG and track a variety of metrics, including sleep, steps, etc. It also recognises a few activities (e.g. running. walking) automatically with relatively high accuracy.

For a more sporty experience, check out the Huawei Watch GT Runner; it's the brand's first dedicated running smartwatch. The Watch GT Runner is essentially a lightweight version of the Huawei Watch GT 3, and although it doesn't offer quite as many features as Garmin or Polar watches, at least it has built-in GPS and a comparatively accurate optical heart rate sensor.




Huawei Watch D review – Blood pressure monitoring smartwatch? ›

The Huawei Watch D is a good showcase for bringing cuff-style blood pressure measurements to the wrist. If you like the idea of a more convenient way to track blood pressure, then it will appeal. If you're hoping it will also match the features and smarts of Huawei's other smartwatches then that's sadly not the case.

Which smartwatch is best for tracking BP? ›

  • Apple Watch Series 7. ₹ 41,900. + Compare.
  • apple watch ultra. ₹ 89,900. + Compare.
  • Apple Watch Series 8. ₹ 43,590. + Compare.
  • OnePlus Watch. ₹ 14,999. + Compare.
  • Galaxy Watch. ₹ 13,999. + Compare.
  • Realme Watch. ₹ 3,499. + Compare.
  • Dizo Watch S. ₹ 3,899. + Compare.
  • Mi Watch. ₹ 6,599. + Compare.

Do any Smartwatches give accurate blood pressure readings? ›

The best all-in-one blood pressure smartwatch

The YHE BP Doctor Pro measures your blood pressure with medical-grade accuracy. The key is the watch's patented inflatable air cuff, which detects blood pressure fluctuations.

Do blood pressure smart watches work? ›

Yes, blood pressure watches work as wearable devices to track your blood pressure. Every blood pressure watch tracks blood pressure in addition to other fitness metrics, which vary by device.

What is the blood pressure app for Huawei watch? ›

The Huawei Health app can be connected to devices including Huawei watches, Huawei bands, Huawei scales, and Huawei earphones, as well as some third-party devices such as blood sugar monitors, blood pressure monitors, SpO2 monitors, treadmills, rowing machines, heart rate monitors, and scales.

What is the FDA approved smart watch for blood pressure? ›

The LiveOne wearable is the world's first MEMS nano-sensor-based, CE and FDA-cleared device with medical accuracy highly correlated to the arterial line.

Is there a Fitbit that tracks blood pressure? ›

FITVII Slim Fitness Tracker with Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure, 24/7 Heart Rate and Sleep Tracking, IP68 Waterproof Activity Trackers and Smart Watches with Step Tracker, Pedometer for Women Kids.

Which smartwatch has body temperature and blood pressure? ›

Hammer Pulse Smart watch comes with the sensors for the following features - Body Temperature measurement, Heart Rate monitoring, Blood pressure monitoring, Blood Oxygen Levels monitoring & Sleep monitoring sensor.

Do Garmin watches measure blood pressure? ›

Open the Garmin Connect app. Open the menu. Select Health Stats. Select Blood Pressure.

How accurate is Samsung watch blood pressure? ›

In conclusion, the sensors on the Galaxy Watch 4 don't compare to a medical device, and shouldn't be used as a replacement for those who need to regularly monitor their blood pressure for health reasons.

How do I calibrate my smart watch blood pressure? ›

How to recalibrate the Galaxy Watch from the menu on the Blood Pressure History screen
  1. Go to the bottom of the Home screen and press “View history”.
  2. Tap the More menu at the top right of the screen.
  3. Select “Recalibrate”.
  4. Tap “Recalibrate the watch” and return to the Home screen.
Sep 20, 2022

Is heart rate the same as BP? ›

Your heart rate and blood pressure measure two different things, but doctors can use both of them to evaluate certain aspects of your health. The heart rate records the number of times that your heart beats per minute, while your blood pressure quantifies how strong your blood moves through the blood vessels.

Can smart watches detect heart problems? ›

Some newer-generation smartwatches can track heart rate and blood pressure. Except for atrial fibrillation (available in some models), smartwatches can't diagnose serious heart problems, like heart attack, stroke, or heart failure. A smartwatch is not necessarily a must-have accessory for heart health.

Can Huawei Band 7 measure blood pressure? ›

While it lacks sophisticated functions found on pricier models, such as built-in GPS or ECG monitoring, it still delivers an impressive array of features, including sleep, stress, heart, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring.

Does Huawei Watch Fit 2 have blood pressure monitor? ›

The technical features are solid compared to the price range and offer everything you would expect (at least). As is known, Huawei leaves ECG and blood pressure to the more expensive models - understandable. Unfortunately, some functions are not possible in combination with iOS.

How does digital blood pressure monitor work? ›

Oscillatory devices produce a digital readout and work on the principle that blood flowing through an artery between systolic and diastolic pressures causes vibrations in the arterial wall which can be detected and transduced into electrical signals.

Are blood pressure monitors FDA approved? ›

The blood pressure cuff is FDA-approved. Some other features include: connects to an app to track and display data. rechargeable batteries.

What is smart app blood pressure? ›

SmartBP is a blood pressure app that enables you to log, monitor, evaluate, and share BP reports using iOS devices and Apple Watch. In addition, SmartBP connects with Apple Health. With your health information at your fingertips, you can now take a more active role in your own health.

Can fitbit or Apple Watch track blood pressure? ›

The Apple Watch doesn't provide a blood pressure monitor, but it does include a heart rate sensor and an electrocardiogram.

How accurate is Garmin blood pressure? ›

Some users say Garmin Index BPM provides spot-on blood pressure reports when compared against other devices (like a traditional OMRON monitor), but other users say the readings are far from accurate. A handful of users complain that both systolic and diastolic numbers can be off by as much as 20 points.

Which Fitbit is best for monitoring vitals? ›

A quick look at the best Fitbits of 2022
  • Best for smart features: Fitbit Versa 3.
  • Best for heart health tracking: Fitbit Sense.
  • Best for exercise measurement: Fitbit Charge 4.
  • Best for long battery life: Fitbit Inspire 2.
  • Best for workout optimization: Fitbit Charge 5.
  • Best swim tracking: Fitbit Luxe.

Which smart watch is best? ›

Here are the List of Best Smartwatches in India (2nd June 2023)
SmartwatchesPrice in India
Fire-Boltt Quantum₹ 4,999
Redmi Watch₹ 3,999
Just Corseca Ray Kanabis₹ 4,650
Noise NoiseFit Force Rugged₹ 2,999
6 more rows

Does Galaxy Watch 5 measure blood pressure? ›

Galaxy Watch 5 series has the technology to be able to measure the wearer's blood pressure.

Does Amazfit measure blood pressure? ›

In plain English, this is an algorithm capable of figuring out your blood pressure by using the watch's optical sensors on the wrist. These are the same ones that are used to capture your heart rate.

How does Garmin read blood pressure? ›

The devices work by detecting the pressure of blood as it flows through a person's veins, and then displaying the reading on a digital readout. If you're looking for a wearable tech that can help you check your blood pressure every now and then, Garmin has plenty of watches that can help you do so.

How do GPS take blood pressure? ›

Measuring your blood pressure

The inflatable cuff is attached to a small machine via a plastic tube. Your GP will inflate the cuff using a small hand-held pump, and as the cuff deflates the machine will read your blood pressure and display the numbers on a screen. This only takes a minute or two.

Is Garmin FDA approved? ›

The ECG App is Garmin's first FDA-cleared smartwatch feature and we are thrilled to offer this revolutionary tool to our customers as another way to stay on top of their health,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales.

Can Samsung watch measure blood pressure in USA? ›

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2/Galaxy Watch3 can be used to measure your blood pressure when coupled with your Galaxy smartphone and a cuff-based blood pressure monitor.

Which smartwatch based blood pressure measurement demonstrates insufficient accuracy? ›

Conclusion. This study demonstrates that the BP measurements by the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 show a systematic bias toward a calibration point, overestimating low BPs and underestimating high BPs, when investigated in both normotensive and hypertensive patients.

Can Huawei watch D answer calls? ›

Your watch will display caller information whenever there is an incoming call on your phone, and you can answer or reject the call directly using your watch.

Can you have low resting heart rate and high blood pressure? ›

A normal heart rate at rest is considered to be between 60-100 beats per minute. Keep in mind a low heart rate can be normal, depending on your activity and fitness level. Blood pressure can be high despite a low heart rate.

What is ideal blood pressure by age? ›

What is Normal Blood Pressure by Age?
18-39 years110/68 mm Hg119/70 mm Hg
40-59 years122/74 mm Hg124/77 mm Hg
60+ years139/68 mm Hg133/69 mm Hg
Nov 4, 2022

Can your heart rate be normal but blood pressure high? ›

It's possible to have a high or low heart rate without it affecting your blood pressure, and having high blood pressure doesn't necessarily mean your heart rate is too high or too low. But there are some relationships between the two, and understanding those can help you protect your heart for the long term.

Can smartwatch detect heart palpitations? ›

Smart wearable devices such as smartwatches can serve as a good diagnostic tool for people experiencing intermittent palpitations. These are often difficult to record with a 12-lead EKG because you can't predict when the palpitations will occur.

Can a smart watch do an EKG? ›

A smartwatch or wearable ECG, uses a single electrode sensor to measure the electrical activity of the heart, typically placed on the underside of the smartwatch. This kind of ECG can detect atrial fibrillation or Afib, which is a type of abnormal heart rhythm.

Can we trust smart watch heart rate? ›

The short answer is maybe, and it depends on who you are. These devices are great, but there are some things you need to know. Several large studies have been carried out to examine how well wearables can check for signs of a common heart rhythm problem called “atrial fibrillation”, which can lead to strokes.

Does Huawei Health compatible with blood pressure? ›

The Huawei Watch D is a blood pressure monitoring device and provides accurate measurements at a sixth the size of a traditional measuring device. The Huawei Watch D has a high-resolution pressure sensor which increases the accuracy of the measurement so users can measure their blood pressure anytime and anywhere.

Is Huawei Band 7 worth buying? ›

The Huawei Band 7 is a smart band that gets a lot right. With a big display, a nice design, simple software and reliable exercise tracking, it nails the essentials for a relatively low price.

Does Huawei Band 6 watch measure blood pressure? ›

Question: Can HONOR Band 6 measure blood pressure? Answer: Yes, the HONOR Band 6 could measure blood pressure and this is the first band from HONOR which has this feature.

Can Huawei Watch 3 Pro measure blood pressure? ›

The device uses mini pump to measure blood pressure accurately anytime.

Does Huawei watch GT3 Pro measure blood pressure? ›

Huawei's WATCH D can measure your blood pressure to a high degree of accuracy. The GT3 Pro comes in a titanium (46mm) or ceramic body with asapphire watch dial (43mm). With a long 14-days of battery life, this watch also has electrode technology for accurate health measurements.

Which Huawei watch can measure blood pressure? ›

Huawei introduced the Watch D wearable with blood pressure tracking back in late 2021, but it took until late 2022 to get the required certifications and make it available in Western markets.

How does my smart watch know my blood pressure? ›

How do they work? Smartwatches that are capable of taking blood pressure readings such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 use an internal Photoplethysmogram sensor to measure both systolic and diastolic pressure. Before smartwatches can take accurate readings, however, they need to be calibrated.

Does Huawei watch have ECG? ›

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Smartwatch - Fitness Tracker & Health Monitor with Heart Rate, ECG & Blood Oxygen Monitoring - Long Lasting Battery Up to 2 Weeks - Sapphire Dial - Bluetooth - 46" Stainless.

Do any Garmin watches measure blood pressure? ›

Garmin Index BPM is a new smart blood pressure monitor from Garmin International, which is the brand behind Garmin GPS products and Garmin smartwatches. It operates as your typical blood pressure monitor, but without all the clunkiness that blood pressure monitors can often have.

What is the smart wristband for monitoring vitals? ›

AVA Doctor is the wearable bracelet that can be given to the patient by hospital at emergency point, check-in point and/or for outpatient home treatment to collect the vital signs such as blood pressure, and heart beat/oxygen rates and instantly transfer these data over the internet to the cloud and then to the doctors ...

Which smartwatch has body temperature sensor? ›

Fire-Boltt Celcius Smartwatch with Body Temperature Monitoring, SpO2 Monitoring, 123 Sports Modes, IP67 Water Resistant (Grey)

Can I measure blood pressure with Samsung Health? ›

Measuring your blood pressure using your

After you have calibrated your Galaxy Watch with an upper-arm, cuff-based blood pressure monitor, you're ready to use the Samsung Health Monitor on your Galaxy Watch to measure your blood pressure.

What watch can take blood pressure? ›

HAFURY Blood Pressure Watch – Best Overall

This smartwatch by HAFURY is an ultimate health tracker that not only displays 24-hour heart rate readings but also tracks oxygen level concentration, stress level, sleep time, step count, calories burned, active time, and breathing rate.


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