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Green Iguanas

Iguana Hunting In Florida (1)Green iguanas are nonnative reptiles in Florida. They are an invasive species with a breeding population in Florida that is destroying native wildlife and creating havoc on local businesses and homes, especially in South Florida. iOutdoor guided iguana hunts are in dedication to saving the natural Florida environment from invasive species.

The Problem

Green iguanas are problematic because they not only mess up a delicate natural ecosystem, but they can cause damage to infrastructure by digging their burrows that eventually erode and collapse foundations, seawalls, sidewalks, berms, and canal banks.
The sunshine state is also responsible for growing many of the vegetables and fruits for the rest of the nation, all of the favorite foods for this invasive animal.

Range and Population

The native range of green iguanas is from Central America to South America and some of the eastern Caribbean islands. This iguana species has been sold as pets in the United States for a long time. Which has allowed breeding to become well established in Florida. Population estimates are difficult to come by, but hundreds of thousands of green iguanas are believed to be running wild.

Current Florida Distribution

The earliest reports of wild iguanas first appeared in Dade County in the 1960s. Due to climate limitations, the population of green iguanas has failed to extend much further north than Palm Beach or Martin Counties.
Green iguana populations are now predominately along the Atlantic coast in Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties. On the Gold Coast, the green iguanas are mostly in Collier and Lee counties.

Lifespan and Growth

Green iguanas can live over ten years in the wild and even longer in captivity. They can typically grow between 4-5 feet in length, with some green iguanas measuring over 6 feet long from the top of the snout to the tip of the tail and weighing over 20 pounds.

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Florida Iguana Hunting Tours

Iguana Hunting In Florida (2)iOutdoor is a professional guide service that has brought you top-notch hunting and fishing tours for over 20 years and is now offering an all-inclusive guided trip hunting iguanas. Join your local professional guide to get this exciting outdoor experience safely removing iguanas from our delicate land.
Iguana hunting tours are something everyone can experience, whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a novice.
Iguana hunting in Florida is best done with guides who know the hunting grounds better than anyone. Our iguana hunting guides are local outdoorsmen and professionals working to control green iguana populations as well as provide you with an adventure of a lifetime!
Our iguana hunts are done efficiently and have an extremely high success rate. Book today to experience an incredible hunt and a memorable outdoor experience.

Hunting Invasive Species Rules

Similar to all nonnative reptile species, the green iguanas in the sunshine state are not protected except by anti-cruelty law. Locals and visitors are allowed to humanely kill green iguanas year-round without a hunting license or permit on 25 public areas in South Florida. In addition, you are allowed to kill iguanas on private property with permission from the land or homeowners.
Although the local Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission states that people can kill green iguanas year-round, they shouldn’t go around shooting these animals randomly or haphazardly. Instead, it’s best to seek assistance from professional guides who do this for a living.


Many people enjoy eating green iguanas, stating that it tastes similar to the gator, which many say tastes similar to chicken. Green iguanas have even earned the official nickname “chicken of the trees” for this reason.
Hunting iguanas and eating their meat is a cultural practice for many South and Central American countries. Green iguanas have very nutritious meat with high levels of protein; in fact, the iguana is relatively lean meat but contains more protein than chicken. Popular cooking methods include drying, roasting, boiling, skewers, or deep frying.

Tour Details

Your professional guide will come with top-of-the-line quality equipment and a lifetime of knowledge to provide a fun and educational outdoor experience.

Iguana Hunting Options

Hunt Blow Gun

$49999All Inclusive

  • Starting @ Up to 4 People

Hunt with Bow

$49999All Inclusive

  • Starting @ Up to 4 People

Hunt High Powered Air Rifles

$49999All Inclusive

  • Starting @ Up to 4 People

Combo Trips

Iguana Hunting In Florida (3)Florida iguana hunting trips can be customized to your wants and needs. Combine our most popular fishing trips with an iguana adventure. For example, when you book an iguana tour, you can choose to hunt iguana the entire time or fish for the exotic peacock bass for a few hours, then hunt the remaining time.
So get the ultimate exotic and invasive species adventure all in one day! Let us help you customize your perfect day of hunting invasive exotic animals. Whether you’re interested in bow fishing or blowgun fishing for invasive fish, hunting iguanas, or conventionally fishing for peacock bass, clown knife fish, snakeheads, and other exotics—experience one or all of these during your private and personalized trip.


Nuisance hunts for green iguanas are now available in many South Florida cities. Exotic trips hunting iguanas provide a unique twist to traditional outdoor tours. Enjoy the Florida iguana hunting experience of a lifetime while saving the South Florida ecosystem.
The top hunting locations are currently Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. But, your professional guide is constantly looking for new areas and the best spots to provide you with a unique and productive adventure.

Is this a Guided Hunt?iOutdoor2022-10-02T18:24:28+00:00

Is this a Guided Hunt?

We have taken our love for hunting to the next level, we use the industry’s best air rifles, custom bows, and blow darts guns. Air Rifles are the fastest, safest-shooting precision guns on the market today. You will be hooked after this adventure.

Do we need a Hunting License?iOutdoor2022-10-02T18:29:39+00:00

Do we need a Hunting License?

No, if you go with a legit service they are licensed; you DO NOT need an individual license to iguana hunt. The only exception is if you do a combo hunting and fishing trip. Anyone age 16 or older needs a $17+ tax freshwater fishing license.

What’s the Best time of Year to go Hunting?iOutdoor2022-10-02T18:35:37+00:00

What’s the Best time of Year to go Hunting?

The best time of year for hunting Iguanas in South Florida is when your time permits. We do hunt iguanas all year from January to December. What we do suggest is adjusting the start times, so on colder days, we allow the sun to come out fully. But most any day is a good day to iguana hunt.

What are the age requirements for Iguana Hunting?iOutdoor2022-10-02T18:42:27+00:00

What are the age requirements for Iguana Hunting?

We recommend ages five and up, but it generally depends on the kid’s experience. All ages are welcome to ride along as long as they are adequately chaperoned. We believe the earlier you can expose children to guns, the safer they are. Also, consider the guns weigh between 5-8 lbs. Safety is our primary concern always.

How many hunters can be on one boat?iOutdoor2022-10-02T19:03:02+00:00

How many hunters can be on one boat?

We have boats that can accommodate 3 or 4 people, it’s based on availability. We want the whole family on one boat, so as you can see in our pictures we quite commonly take 4 people. We have more boats than anyone in this industry, so if 2, 3, or 4 boats are needed for the grp trip, we can accommodate them. (these numbers do not include captain, they are just your grp) Our time slots are flexible but limited based on availability.

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What are the rates for the iguana hunts?iOutdoor2022-10-02T19:11:22+00:00

What are the rates for the iguana hunts?

We offer 4 hr and 6hr hunts. 1-2 hunters start at $499.99 you add a 3rd and 4th hunter. Click the book now widgets above on the trip desired, then choose a date, and adjust the number of people and it will display full pricing. There is an industry low, $100 deposit per boat to hold your spot. Balance is paid, at end of the trip after all services are taken.

Do I hunt from a Boat?iOutdoor2022-10-02T19:22:01+00:00

Do I hunt from a Boat?

Yes, we use 22 ft flats boats, more room and more stable. These boats are very sturdy and can get to more Iguanas than a bass boat. It is illegal to walk the street and shot iguanas on private property in neighborhoods. Don’t do it because you have seen a video online, you will get fined and maybe lose your guns. We use boats, only on public waterways.

Where do we meet for the hunt?iOutdoor2022-10-02T19:27:21+00:00

Where do we meet for the hunt?

We have locations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Palm Beach in Florida. We move hunt locations, sometimes daily. We will provide a location near you, but also they to provide the best place at that time for the hunt. The captain always knows best, they will call you the day before to discuss all options that fit your needs the best.

Can I bring my own guns?iOutdoor2022-10-02T19:34:35+00:00

Can I bring my own guns?

Yes, many hunts do. But, it must be an air rifle only and must be a .22 cal.

The largest legal size is .30 cal, if you have a larger you will not be able to shoot.

Do we get to keep the iguanas?iOutdoor2022-10-02T19:38:27+00:00

Do we get to keep the iguanas?

Yes, we can quarter the legs and tails, the final cleaning is up to you. Please bring a cooler with ice to transport after the hunt. If they are not taken, we dispose of all iguanas according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife laws.


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