What Do Green Iguana Eat? (21+ Safe Foods) (2023)

Green iguanas are omnivores. They can consume various fruits, insects, and other vegetables, and they require a diverse diet. There are many food options for feeding a green iguana.

In this article, we’re going to discover what green iguanas consume? We’ll discuss safe vegetables, fruits, and other food items that are suitable for green Iguana consumption.

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1What Do Green Iguana Eat?

1.1Can Green Iguana Eat Meat?

2What Fruit Can Green Iguanas Eat?

3What Vegetables Can Green Iguanas Eat?

4What Greens Can Green Iguanas Eat?


5.1Can Green Iguanas Eat Bananas?

5.2Can Green Iguanas Eat Tomatoes?

5.3Can Green Iguanas Eat Strawberries?

5.4Can Green Iguanas Eat Cabbage?

5.5Can Green Iguanas Eat Avocado

5.6Can Green Iguanas Eat Cucumbers?

5.7Can Green Iguanas Eat Celery?

5.9Can Green Iguanas Eat Crickets?

5.10Can Green Iguanas Eat Grapes?

5.11Can Green Iguanas Eat Oranges?

5.12Can Green Iguanas Eat Kale?

5.13Can Green Iguanas Eat Spinach?


What Do Green Iguana Eat?

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As we mentioned previously, the green iguanas are primarily herbivores. They rely on leaves like turnips, flowers, dandelion, and fruits like mustard and growing shoots from nearly 100 species of plants.

Wild plum is among the favorite foods eaten by the green iguanas of Panama. Green iguanas require a precise ratio of minerals: calcium and phosphorus. It is essential to purchase several lizard food options to provide green iguanas with food.

Thus the green Iguana diet should consist of an assortment of leafy greens such as turnips, broccoli, and all other components of fruits, plants such as Butternut squash, collards, mangoes, and acorns.

To get the necessary nutrients, young iguanas usually eat the leftovers of adults that are usually not of high quality and are difficult to digest. Adult green iguanas living in the wild have been eating birds’ eggs.

Zoologists believe that consuming a high protein diet can be harmful to the digestive tracts of green iguanas and could lead to serious long-term health problems, including kidney issues that could be fatal. There are a few reports that green Iguana is recognized to eat the romaine leaf, which is high in vitamins and calcium.

It is essential not to feed meat or salad to green iguanas. They should instead be fed minerals and vitamins via eating a herbivorous diet.

Can Green Iguana Eat Meat?

Green iguanas can consume meat in the form of insects. Here is a list of live insects which will tell you about the kind of meat that green iguanas can take in:

  1. Silkworms are only treated.
  2. Mealworms: Feed adult green iguanas due to their tough outer shell. Impaction can occur when young or juvenile green iguanas are fed mealworms.
  3. Crickets: As Treats
  4. Dubia Cockroaches Do not feed
  5. Waxworms: Treat only
  6. Morio Worms as a treat only.
  7. Superworms are a more significant variation of mealworms. They should, however, only be fed to adults green iguanas.

What Fruit Can Green Iguanas Eat?

Green iguanas can consume a variety of fruits. But, they should stay away from citrus fruits because they could upset their stomachs. But, they should be eaten in small amounts – not every day. Fruits contain sugar, which can cause overweight, and they can also increase yeast levels.

Here’s a list of safe fruits that lists the fruits the green iguanas of your garden can eat:

  1. Figs
  2. Apples
  3. Papaya
  4. Peaches
  5. Plums
  6. Pears
  7. Raspberries

The professional veterinarians advise that pet pets be careful when feeding soft fruits as it’s sugary and can cause dental issues. Remember, soft fruit such as kiwi is best eaten once a month in an overall diet incorporating fibrous vegetables.

What Vegetables Can Green Iguanas Eat?

Green iguanas can consume a variety of veggies. This list of safe vegetables will tell you what vegetables your green iguanas can eat:

  1. Peas
  2. Courgette
  3. Sweet potato
  4. Ocra
  5. Acorn squash
  6. Kohlrabi
  7. Pak Choi

What Greens Can Green Iguanas Eat?

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Green iguanas’ can take greens for a meal. This is a safe list of greens that will tell you which greens they are allowed to eat:

  1. Spring greens
  2. Lambs lettuce
  3. Collards
  4. Clover
  5. Turnip greens
  6. Endive
  7. Coriander


Can Green Iguanas Eat Bananas?

Yes. Green iguanas may consume bananas, but only occasionally, because of their high calcium to phosphorus ratio, which is thought to be unhealthy for green Iguanas. In reality, they contain high sugar levels, mainly when they are overripe.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Tomatoes?

Because tomato is a fruit, it’s safe to consume green iguanas only in small quantities. The fruit has numerous health advantages. But, it could also cause risk to health if consumed in large quantities. Tomato isn’t something that is recommended to be part of a green diet for iguanas.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Strawberries?

Green iguanas can take berries, however, only in moderate quantities. However, strawberries are one of the safest fruit choices for green iguanas, so you don’t need to limit your consumption to just once every month.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Cabbage?

Green iguanas can consume cabbage at least once per week or every other week, depending on the other goitrogenic food planned for their eating routine. Cabbage can be a fantastic option for a vegetable mixed salad, and you can top it off with Dubia roaches.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Avocado

No. Avocados are not suitable for health. Therefore do not include avocados.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Cucumbers?

Yes. Green iguanas can be able to get cucumbers every week or as often. Cucumber contains 96% water which makes it an excellent source of hydration, especially in the case of dehydration. Cucumber is also high in fibre that can help prevent constipation and Vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system of your green iguanas and vision, as well as reproduction and development.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Celery?

Celery stalks, as well as leaves, are digestible and edible for green Iguanas. But, celery should only be sparingly in your green iguanas ‘ food bowl, and the preparation of the celery is much more crucial.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Watermelon?

Green iguanas can eat watermelon only occasionally as an occasional treat. The watermelon isn’t particularly nutrient-rich for Iguanas, and the fruit isn’t as nutritious compared to other fruits that provide a variety of nutrients.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Crickets?

Yes. Green iguanas can eat a cricket, not just cricket but an array of live foods like mealworms and Kingworms. They can also eat small quantities of fruits.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Grapes?

Yes. Green iguanas can consume grapes. They can be fed a complete piece, but most owners prefer cutting the grapes into smaller pieces to facilitate the iguanas’ greens to eat and eliminate the possibility of them getting choked. Sometimes, a seeds-free grape also contains seeds, and cutting the grapes assures that there aren’t seeds.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Oranges?

However, despite their nutritional value, they can be hazardous for green iguanas. Oranges, as well as other citrus fruits, contain quite an amount of oxalic acid.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Kale?

Yes. There’s no need to be concerned when your green iguanas gulp down pieces of Kale. Dental decay, fatty liver disease, and heart issues can happen when green iguanas consume excessive sugar. If consumed in moderate amounts. Kale is an excellent option for your green Iguana’s health benefits in numerous ways.

Can Green Iguanas Eat Spinach?

Avoid eating spinach and romaine since they cause dangers. Too much spinach could be detrimental to green iguanas as they have a limited nutritional value.


Always follow your veterinarian’s guidelines if you suspect that your Iguana is sick. Veterinarians may recommend a particular diet, and there are vets specializing in reptiles and Lizards.

There are many ways to feed your green iguanas to aid certain conditions. If they’re dehydrated, you’ll require feeding them food such as cucumber, watermelons, and others high in water until they’re prepared to eat solid food. You could also use a syringe to drop an electrolyte solution close to or in their mouth.

If your green Iguana is very sick, you can make a watery mixture of diet, medicine suggested by experts and supplements and give it using a syringe. But If you’re planning to alter your pet’s diet, be sure to check with an animal veterinarian. Follow us on social media

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